Kronenflex® Box

Preserved and protected top performance for cutting-off wheels thanks to clever Kronenflex® Box

Advantages of the Kronenflex® Box

Maximum performance. Perfect protection. Straightforward handling.

Harsh conditions at the place where high speed cutting-off wheels are required to perform their best are a common phenomenon. Moisture, dirt and damage as a result of careless storage may be detrimental to the performance and, first and foremost, the safety of a cutting-off wheel. To ensure that you will always enjoy the full benefit of our powerful cutting-off wheels, Klingspor has devised the air-tight Kronenflex® Box. Unlike ordinary cardboard packaging, the box keeps the wheels fresh for a significantly longer period, boosting performance by 40% and ensuring that the wheels stay safe and dry.

Perfect protection

The box provides protection against dirt, moisture and damage. .


The stacking aid makes the space-saving storage of the boxes a breeze.


Increased power

Unlike ordinary cardboard packaging, the box keeps the wheels fresh for a longer period of time, boosting performance by 40% as shown in the diagram.



The Kronenflex® Box in day-to-day use

At the construction site

The cutting-off wheels remain perfectly protected even in the harshest conditions.


On the shelf

The boxes stack and take up only minimum room.


In the tool case

The box provides protection against damage.


In the shelf of a van

Store your cutting-off wheels safely even when you are on the road.


You can download the flyer as PDF here.

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